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Customer Focused

We make our client’s dreams and visions our number one priority. Your brand reflects your hard work and success, and we want to preserve that. Our team works with our clients to create and promote one-of-a-kind brand ideas.  

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Inspiring Branding Services

We offer all our clients a full-service branding experience. We strive to break barriers with creative, and we streamline marketing materials to deliver panache and consistency across all platforms.

Logo Design


Whether you need a brand-new logo created from scratch or a redesign, our brand design team will stop at nothing to ensure complete satisfaction. Our comprehensive strategy often draws upon some of our other brand services to ensure that the logo we create for you has a consistent identity, voice, and style.  A logo is part of the Brand identity and is the first foot forward in al marketing situations.  We will give your target audience a unique image of your business to carry with them.  An easily recognized, emotion-eveking logo. 

Brand Strategy


Our clients sometimes come to us with a  fantastic and viable business idea but require a strategy for their brand. Our business-savvy team will work with our clients to establish a strong brand strategy that will resonate with your specific target audience.We understand that defining your brand’s mission, values, and positioning can be overwhelming and may not be our client’s area of expertise. We help define the brand’s most essential models that will help drive a company forward and provide consistency in communication.

Brand Identity

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Once a logo is designed, the beginning of your brand’s identity has emerged. We understand the need for a consistent identity across all platforms: Our team will ensure that all logo variations are compatible and that imagery, fonts, and patterns are intentional and reflect your company’s brand strategy.  At Jagger Media, our clients expect to leave with a professional brand identity that offers an undeniable visual representation of the brand and resonates with the brand’s target audience.

Brand Voice

It’s not always easing to think of a brand as having its own voice or tone. However, our branding team prioritizes understanding that a brand’s voice can affect how your target audience perceives your business. We work to align our client’s vision with the personality and voice of the marketing material they put out. With content in mind, our brand voice services create a communication style that helps familiarize customers with our client’s business.


Brand Style Guide

When working with new employees or outside companies, our clients find it very helpful to have a brand style guide for anyone who works with their brand. We offer a complete style guide that leaves no stone unturned to ensure consistency no matter who is working with your brand. Our designers will create an appealing presentation our clients can use.  Our branding experts will ensure that the style guide includes all elements of the brand strategy and identity. This service can save a lot of time in the long run for our clients.


Social Media Branding

No branding is complete without an overhaul of our client’s social media. It is easy to forget our branding strategy when making simple posts on social media. However, it is vital to have consistent branding across all elements when it comes to our business page, cover pages, profile pages, and individual posts. Our team of designers is skilled at creating imaging exclusive to the specifications for social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, our social media design team can streamline your brand’s identity invoice across all platforms.

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Let's work together! 

We provide captivating digital storytelling.

When you're not sure where to start, we can help unravel the sometimes complicated marketing techniques and provide a seamless solution for your needs.  We strive for nothing but excellence and measurable results, so call us today to see if our team might be a good fit with yours.

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