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Creative​ Design 

Graphic design is perhaps the most creative aspect of all marketing efforts.  Whether an eye-catching website or a stunning Magazine spread, our graphic designers know how to communicate a brand message through visual imagery.  We are innovative and perfectionistic, with a desire to shift perceptions. 

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Digital Design Services

A Jagger media, we think we have the most skilled graphic designers who take pride in their work.  Our creative process is essential to us, and each unique design service we offer our clients has a different approach.


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Our client’s brand is the keystone of their business.  We take this very seriously and ensure that our designers create unique logos and branding materials that resonate not only with the values of our clients but also with their target audience. We pair our branding design with our branding identity services to ensure that the images we create communicate our clients, positioning, style and identity.

Ad Design

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Our graphic designers create eye-catching and persuasive ad designs. They will design ads for digital, such as Facebook social media or paid ads, and beautiful traditional advertisements, such as magazine or newspaper ads. We work alongside our savvy marketers to create an effective campaign that includes visually appealing imagery meant to speak to our client’s target audience.

UX Design

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We understand graphic design encompasses the entire buyer’s journey and can promote meaningful and relevant customer experiences. Our clients often come to us looking to enhance the customer experience, and our graphic designers are more than happy to use their design skills to create a functional yet beautiful set of processes, which corporate functionality, features, accessibility and aesthetics.


We understand that our client’s website is their digital storefront. Not only do we take care to design a visually appealing site, but we also ensure potential buyers can find it! At Jagger Media, our graphic designers ensure your website captures your brand and is engaging and effective. With our stellar team of content creators and SEO specialists, the design of our client’s website will be nothing less than fabulous.

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We understand that competition is high when it comes to outdoor marketing. Whether it is an eye-catching storefront sign or a bold billboard, our graphic designers know what works and doesn’t. We help our clients get noticed with the maximum number of eyes possible and a design that won't disappoint even the most finicky customer.

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Our graphic designers create beautiful print elements that integrate seamlessly with our client’s digital assets. We provide a persuasive magazine, newspaper and direct mail advertisements. We also design beautiful marketing materials such as brochures, white papers, business cards, letterhead, etc. We work with our clients to ensure brand consistency and succinct, valuable content delivery.

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Let's talk Design

We provide captivating digital storytelling.

Our passionate designers are ready to hear your deepest desires and turn them into eye-catching visuals.  We are eager and patient and always strive to make sure everyone is on the same page creatively. Whether you're looking for a little help in one area or an overhaul of your branding or visuals, we can help.  Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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