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Integrated Marketing Strategy

We provide an integrated approach to all of our marketing initiatives.   This means that we cover all our bases and make sure our client's message appears seamless across all platforms.  We evaluate the situation and pair the most effective marketing mediums to provide a seamless solution.  We believe that when a brand is consistent across all platforms, it is more effective, which is why we use an integrated approach.

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Seamless Marketing Services

With our integrated approach, we are able to offer a seamless marketing experience for our clients. All of our marketing will flow smoothly together. We will stitch together the perfect marketing plan for your brand using our vast array of expertise.

Social Media 


Social media marketing imperative to any business looking to engage with their audience. We understand that a throughough social media strategy that includes appropriate platforms and  dynamic, functional content will not just engage customers, but also enhance your brand and provide valuable insight on the buyres journey.  We provide in depth strategy and management, providing our clients with better tools and more time focus on the business.


Lead Generation

With a solid understanding of the buyer's journey, we are able to create lead opportunities that appeal to the right people, at the right time. Our process is highly tailored with research and testing to provide maximum results and accuracy. Our clients help define what they consider a qualified lead and we use that to capture them!  



Our clients often come to us with the desire to promote a particular product, event or service. A short, timed incentive can mean more short-term sales, more attendees to an event or even the unloading of slow-selling merchandise. Our savvy marketing experts will analyze the obstacle and help determine the most suitable promotion.  We help with influencer promos and contests, coupons, sales, add-ons, loyalty, or a hyper-customized solution made just for your unique opportunity.


We realize that adopting an ambitious digital strategy is imperative in today's competitive business world.  At Jagger media, our team of experts help our clients increase their website visibility with an effective SEO strategy. This may include writing content, creating landing pages, keyword research and implementation, or link building. Our clients gain valuable leverage in the digital landscape.


Paid Advertising

Often we will use a combination of traditional (radio & TV) and digital (Google and Facebook) advertising to create a campaign that will reach our client's audience. Using our integrated marketing approach, the campaign may also include content, design, and brand strategy for 360° coverage and seamless execution. Our creative team leans on our strategists and media buyers to curate an advertising plan that is actionable and measurable.  Nothing but results for our clients.



We understand great marketing strategy can grow a business exponentially.  From start-ups to rebrands, we have a strategy for every stage of marketing solutions. Our clients ask for help with pitch decks or business plans in their entirety, or sometimes a revamp of the value proposition is all that is needed for a big difference.  We are ready and willing to help with every part of our client's marketing strategy, from planning to execution.

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Let's talk Marketing

We provide captivating digital storytelling.

We are ready to jump right into marketing with the entrepreneurs and companies we love. Contact us for a free consultation, where we will discover your unique needs and offer an integrated solution that will solve even the smallest marketing puzzle.

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